Reading List for the Week ending April 14, 2017

  1. Not Leadership Material? Good. The World Needs Followers.
  2. Why Should a Melon Cost As Much As a Car?
  3. Fear, failure and shame, oh my
  4. 10 tricks to appear smart during meetings
  5. How Uber uses psychological tricks to push its drivers’ buttons
  6. Do Things that Don’t Scale
  7. Seriously vs. personally
  9. Want to make America’s roads safer? Give undocumented immigrants driver’s license
  10. Life is a Video Game – Here Are the Cheat Codes
  11. On pacing and credibly signalling empathy
  12. Bias from liking / loving
  13. Learning languages very quickly — with the help of some very basic Data Science (Pareto Application)
  14. Why men rape?
  15. Your brain does not process information and it is not a computer

Reading List for the Week ending April 07, 2017

Note : As per the suggestions by one of the readers, I am changing the naming convention for the reading list. The week ending will be the coming week’s Friday. The idea is to nudge this as a deadline, hence a perception of a goal to be achieved. 


  1. Unselling
  2. 15 essential skills they didn’t teach you in college
  3. How to Win with Automation (Hint: It’s Not Chasing Efficiency)
  4. Why You Feel the Urge to Jump
  5. Cars and second order consequences
  6. The dark side of Transparency
  7. Machine intelligence will let us all work like CEOs
  8. Mental Model: Bias from Conjunction Fallacy
  9. Who watches?
  10. Amazon’s Ambitions Unboxed: Stores for Furniture, Appliances and More
  11. Why predicting behavior is so hard
  12. 8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations
  13. Does Doing the Same Work Over and Over Again Make You Less Ethical?
  14. What happens if Uber fails? 
  15. The $99 Billion idea

Reading List for the Week ending March 26, 2017

  1. The timeless parable of Mr. Market
  2. Israeli model holds the answers to China’s quest for technology and innovation
  3. Counting beans
  4. Average is over: Why the skills required for great jobs are changing
  5. How foreign aid helps Americans
  6. The real Casanova
  7. The patriot missile failure (Concept of overflowing CS)
  8. Why is Mahatma Gandhi so evil in Civilization(Game) (Concept of overflowing CS)
  9. Do algorithms beat us at complex decision making?
  10. Searching for the algorithms underlying life
  11. 6 Algorithms to improve your life
  12. This Googler explains how to design your time rather than manage it
  13. How arrogance can make even an obnoxious person popular
  14. The productivity paradox
  15. Flipkart, Ola & Government Protection: An Alternate view

Reading List for the Week ending March 19, 2017

To improve your thinking: 

  1. Competition, Cooperation and the selfish gene
  2. Multiplicative Systems
  3. Why you should move fast and break things
  4. Must know scientific concepts
  5. Facts: How and Why
  6. Machiavelli’s advice for nice guys

When you are feeling a bit low:

  1. I was a stressed out workaholic, then I realized the one fear that was the root of all the problems
  2. The good wife


  1. Self-driving cars can’t cure traffic, economics can
  2. Body is the missing link for truly intelligent machines
  3. Using hidden codes to break the law : Uber / Volkswagen / Zenefits
  4. Future of not working




The Why?

Everybody wants to read, but some people don’t know what to read, some read only one kind of stuff (Courtesy Recommendation Engines) and others read everything and anything that comes to their way hence wasting a lot of their precious time in reading things that don’t add value.

Here is an attempt to publish some worth reading articles that are assorted to make sure that you read a wide variety and a better quality. Give it a try and if you like it then make it a habit