Reading List for the Week ending August 11, 2017

  1. Polyamory 201 : Cultivating Jealousy
  2. Things to Hang on Your Mental Mug Tree
  3. It Takes a Theory to Beat a Theory: The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis
  4. How to Make a Movie Out of Anything — Even a Mindless Phone Game
  5. Usain Bolt: the fastest man who has ever lived (Through Graphs)
  6. Please Confirm You Are Not a Robot (Humor)
  7. Attrition Warfare: When Even Winners Lose
  8. Indescribable you : Can novelists or psychologists better capture the strange multitude of realities in every human self?
  9. How big is the manual for an aircraft carrier?
  10. Quantified self – Tracking with a form
  11. The taxi or the cruise ship? (Seth)
  12. The Top Of My Todo List – A Paul Graham Essay
  13. The Dark Art of Questioning Everything
  14. How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup
  15. Dear 8 year-old Teresa (Letter)

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