Reading ASSIGNMENT for the week ending July 28, 2017

It’s time to revisit – reread – recall – note –  and apply

Many regular readers have given me feedback and a common complaint I have got is that many a times they plan to read the list but end up missing out some articles, but then they get a new list and the list of such missed articles piles up.

To fight this, what they end up doing is speed reading which leads to low retention and hence lower chances of applying the learnings. Hence, this week the idea is to recollect / collate and structure the learnings from all the past lists, making a ready reference repository of the sorts

The tasks are:

  1. Read the articles that you wanted to read but didn’t read
  2. Reread the articles which have challenged your thinking the most or have added a new perspective in your thinking, if you don’t believe in rereading then read this : Are Rereadings Better Readings?
  3. Take notes in 3 bullet points for all such articles in Evernote / Google Drive so that you can access them on the go. You can also share your notes or can publish them in the comments section so that future readers can get the gist of articles through your notes

The idea is to create a community of readers who can readily use concepts / learnings and apply them to get an edge.

There are gifts for top 2 readers who contribute the notes (DEADLINE: July 28,2017)

Happy Reading!




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