Reading List for the Week ending June 30, 2017

  1. Habits vs Goals : A Look at the Benefits of a Systematic Approach to Life
  2. “What about endogeneity?”
  3. How totalism works : The brainwashing methods of isolation, engulfment and fear can lead anyone to a cult. I should know – I was in one
  4. Cognitive dissonance helps old dogs with their new tricks
  5. Exposure Therapy and the Fine Art of Scaring the Shit Out of Yourself On Purpose
  6. Life is Short – A Paul Graham Essay
  7. The future is emotional: Human jobs in the future will be the ones that require emotional labour: currently undervalued and underpaid but invaluable
  8. AMAZON’S NEW CUSTOMER (Read Whole Foods)
  9. Mental Models Diagram : A comic explanation
  10. Learning is the Opposite of Healing  (Understanding the ‘don’t know what to do’ VS ‘don’t know what you want’ axes)
  11. The Unusual Language That Linguists Thought Couldn’t Exist
  12. I see no beauty in lopsided true love (Letter)
  13. How Google’s CEO Creates Brain-Friendly Presentations
  14. 33 Graphs That Reveal Painfully True Facts About Everyday Life
    a. Eye-opening: What we have Become As Humans Today (16 paintings)
  15. How to Design a City for Women : A fascinating experiment in “gender mainstreaming.”

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