Reading List for the Week ending May 05, 2017

  1. Letter to my younger self
  2. This Is What Musical Notes Actually Look Like
  3. Let Go of the Learning Baggage
  4. Will Tesla Do to Cars What Apple Did to Smartphones?
  5. Mental Model: Hanlon’s Razor
  6. Understanding Discrete vs. Continuous Growth
  7. You look like you’re lying (when you’re nervous)
  8. The Shirk & Turk Principle
  9. Uber’s C.E.O. Plays With Fire
  10. Tell him about his father
  11. Shopping for happiness
  12. Why Kickstarter Decided to Radically Transform its Business Model
  13. Against covert hypnosis
  14. Meet the doughnut: the new economic model that could help end inequality
  15. Beyond Retirement: A New Social Compact for the Age of Longevity

Author: ayushthakur

I am an engineer by degree and decision scientist by profession. I have an interest in philosophy, education, arts, decision making, science, psychology and many more. I have stumbled upon good ideas while having conversations with people, reading some articles while surfing the internet. This blog is an attempt to collate all those in a single place Disclaimer: I have no philosophical, religious or political connections whatsoever. If you find anything that hurts your philosophical, religious or political sentiments consider it a divine intervention.

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