Reading List for the Week ending May 05, 2017

  1. Letter to my younger self
  2. This Is What Musical Notes Actually Look Like
  3. Let Go of the Learning Baggage
  4. Will Tesla Do to Cars What Apple Did to Smartphones?
  5. Mental Model: Hanlon’s Razor
  6. Understanding Discrete vs. Continuous Growth
  7. You look like you’re lying (when you’re nervous)
  8. The Shirk & Turk Principle
  9. Uber’s C.E.O. Plays With Fire
  10. Tell him about his father
  11. Shopping for happiness
  12. Why Kickstarter Decided to Radically Transform its Business Model
  13. Against covert hypnosis
  14. Meet the doughnut: the new economic model that could help end inequality
  15. Beyond Retirement: A New Social Compact for the Age of Longevity

Reading List for the Week ending April 28, 2017

  1. I Joined Airbnb at 52, and Here’s What I Learned About Age, Wisdom, and the Tech Industry
  2. The Emerging Neuroscience of Intrinsic Motivation
  3. The inside story of the rise and rise of Uber
  4. Where Are You, Sexularity?
  5. The bingo method
  6. Obsession Is Natural
  7. Watch your language (more like mathematics of bet)
  8. You’re Too Busy. You Need a ‘Shultz Hour.’
  9. 7 of World’s most difficult conversations in recent history
  10. How to Choose a Goddess (Using a Spreadsheet)
  11. An Intuitive Guide To Exponential Functions & e
  12. Living in the age of outrage
  13. Speed as a habit
  14. If Google achieves superintelligence, time zones will be its Achilles heel (more like why google calendar sucks)
  15. A Brief History of Existential Terror

Reading List for the Week ending April 21, 2017

  1. The Different Approaches Firms Use to Set Strategy
  2. The hidden psychology of menu design
  3. How to be clumsy
  4. How to shuffle songs
  5. Surprising Uses of the Pythagorean Theorem
  6. Who cut down the last tree?
  7. What do blind people actually see?
  8. This is the Jeff Bezos playbook for preventing Amazon’s demise
  9. Looking for a business idea? Focus on the meta problems
  10. “Flinching away from truth” is often about *protecting* the epistemology
  11. Attractor Theory: A Model of Minds and Motivation
  12. Speed of Implementation and The Law of Shitty Click Throughs
  13. PARADE Method
  14. How to get lucky : Focus on the fat tails
  15. What if there was no British Raj?

Reading List for the Week ending April 14, 2017

  1. Not Leadership Material? Good. The World Needs Followers.
  2. Why Should a Melon Cost As Much As a Car?
  3. Fear, failure and shame, oh my
  4. 10 tricks to appear smart during meetings
  5. How Uber uses psychological tricks to push its drivers’ buttons
  6. Do Things that Don’t Scale
  7. Seriously vs. personally
  9. Want to make America’s roads safer? Give undocumented immigrants driver’s license
  10. Life is a Video Game – Here Are the Cheat Codes
  11. On pacing and credibly signalling empathy
  12. Bias from liking / loving
  13. Learning languages very quickly — with the help of some very basic Data Science (Pareto Application)
  14. Why men rape?
  15. Your brain does not process information and it is not a computer