Reading Diet

Reading List for the Week ending March 26, 2017

  1. The timeless parable of Mr. Market
  2. Israeli model holds the answers to China’s quest for technology and innovation
  3. Counting beans
  4. Average is over: Why the skills required for great jobs are changing
  5. How foreign aid helps Americans
  6. The real Casanova
  7. The patriot missile failure (Concept of overflowing CS)
  8. Why is Mahatma Gandhi so evil in Civilization(Game) (Concept of overflowing CS)
  9. Do algorithms beat us at complex decision making?
  10. Searching for the algorithms underlying life
  11. 6 Algorithms to improve your life
  12. This Googler explains how to design your time rather than manage it
  13. How arrogance can make even an obnoxious person popular
  14. The productivity paradox
  15. Flipkart, Ola & Government Protection: An Alternate view