Reading List for the Week ending March 19, 2017

To improve your thinking: 

  1. Competition, Cooperation and the selfish gene
  2. Multiplicative Systems
  3. Why you should move fast and break things
  4. Must know scientific concepts
  5. Facts: How and Why
  6. Machiavelli’s advice for nice guys

When you are feeling a bit low:

  1. I was a stressed out workaholic, then I realized the one fear that was the root of all the problems
  2. The good wife


  1. Self-driving cars can’t cure traffic, economics can
  2. Body is the missing link for truly intelligent machines
  3. Using hidden codes to break the law : Uber / Volkswagen / Zenefits
  4. Future of not working





Author: ayushthakur

I am an engineer by degree and decision scientist by profession. I have an interest in philosophy, education, arts, decision making, science, psychology and many more. I have stumbled upon good ideas while having conversations with people, reading some articles while surfing the internet. This blog is an attempt to collate all those in a single place Disclaimer: I have no philosophical, religious or political connections whatsoever. If you find anything that hurts your philosophical, religious or political sentiments consider it a divine intervention.

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