The Why?

Everybody wants to read, but some people don’t know what to read, some read only one kind of stuff (Courtesy Recommendation Engines) and others read everything and anything that comes to their way hence wasting a lot of their precious time in reading things that don’t add value.

Here is an attempt to publish some worth reading articles that are assorted to make sure that you read a wide variety and a better quality. Give it a try and if you like it then make it a habit



Reading List for the Week Ending September 08, 2017

  1. You Are Now Fully Optimized
  2. Hyperbolic Discounting: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices
  3. How YouTube perfected the feed
  4. What’s wrong with infidelity? (Esther Perel and others)
  5. Decision Theories in Real Life
  6. 11 Powerful letters from histroy including “The speech President Nixon would have read out, had the Apollo 11 mission ended in disaster” and “FBI encouraging Martin Luther King to commit suicide”
  7. DISNEY’S CHOICE – How to fight Netflix
  8. Why Family Matters – Emotional Nepotism
  9. Need A Happiness Boost? Spend Your Money To Buy Time, Not More Stuff
  11. Memorize That Poem!
  12. Real Languages Are Second Order
  13. How the NBA Failed Royce White after comparing him with Barkley and James
  14. Visual Sounds of the Amazon (The Rain Forest) (Video embeded, a must watch if you are in a diffused state)
  15. Fear of Escalation (Seth)

Reading List for the Week Ending September 01, 2017

  1. When Dark Humor Stops Being Funny
  2. Alexander’s Knot: A Different Way to Solve Hard Problems
  3. I hate MVPs. So do your customers. Make it SLC instead.
  4. How to Stand Still (Living Statue’s account)
  5. Google is sharing its management tools with the world
  6. Self-Signaling: How Our Actions Can Change Who We Are
  7. Criminal machine learning (Bullshit features to criminalize people)
  8. The death of the internal combustion engine
  9. A Nihilist’s Guide to Meaning
  10. A quick beginner’s guide to drawing (will need a paper and a pen)
  11. Naked Brands – A look into the history of branding and its current state
  12. The Beginning of Uber – The first Pitch Deck
  13. Epistemic Laws of Motion
  14. To Catch a Counterfeiter : Nearly all the world’s fake products come from China. America’s oldest private detective agency is on the case.
  15. May be we all need a little less balance 

Reading List for the Week Ending August 25, 2017

  1. How and why road-pricing will happen
  2. Amazon owns a whole collection of secret brands
  3. Valuing hygiene factors
  4. Lying On The Ground (Distractions, Attention and Rewards)
  5. The Uber Dilemma
  6. A scene I once saw (a conversation)
  8. Liberal arts in the Data age
  9. Why I Went to Auschwitz (A Former NBA All Star)
  10. Can Personality Be Changed?
  11. How Ice Cream Helped America at War
  12. Batesian Mimicry: Why Copycats are Successful
  13. Million-Dollar Subway Fixes (Humor)
  14. The Hidden Economics of Porn : A gender-studies professor explains how the industry works.
  15. The “Mystery” Of The Bermuda Triangle Has Been Solved

Note: Apologies for the delay in publishing, had limited access.

Reading List for the Week ending August 18, 2017

  1. It’s Time to Draw: Visual Thinking, Sketch Notes, and the Trick to Becoming Visually Literate
  2. The Shapes Of Stories – by Kurt Vonnegut
  3. How to trade money and time
  4. Tesla Shows How Traditional Business Metrics Are Outdated
  5. Warren Buffett: The Three Things I Look For in a Person
  6. The Risk of Discovery (Paul Graham)
  7. What Do We Know about Trust?
  8. A Week in the Life of an Open Marriage
  9. The Secret Life of Pain
  10. Hawala
  11. Why you don’t seek friends dating site style
  12. Case Study: When You’re Successful, Stretched Too Thin, and Indispensable (Exercise)
  13. Repairing Anxiety using Internal and External locus of control models
  14. The Fundamental Limits of Machine Learning
  15. “But we needed eggs”  (Seth)